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The Adventist Youth (AY) from Portoroki SDA Church assisted to organise and participated in a one day Discipleship mission, code named "Operesen Repairem Manples Rod". This mission involved the repair of the deteriorating road into Manples.

After the successful mission, Bela Karae-Lewa expressed her heartfelt gratitude, "on behalf of Efate District Adventist Youth (EDAY) coordinators, we would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you for the turn out on Sundays community service program at Manples. Thank you so much for your contribution to the visitation love gifts, to the lunch, to the maintenance work on the road".

The EDAY praised God for all the willing and positive hearts of love that supported the cause. "I know and believe that the people of Manples saw the love of Jesus", Belinda said

In addition to achieving their Community Service objective, they also welcomed the support of "former" members of the AY. Belinda said she and the Youths were so happy to see youth from Manples who had stopped attending church lend a helping hand during the road works. The EDAY believe that, that is a major seed planting phase of "Total Member Involvement", in their Discipleship endeavours.

The EDAY extend their gratitude to all church's for supporting this initiative, the EDAY leaders including Portoroki's very own, David Patunvanu, for mobilizing the EDAY, the Public Works Department for providing the equipment's needed and also for being there to show us what to do. Thank you to our EDAY coordinators, especially brother David and brother Jesse for taking the lead to organize this program. Thank you to some of our Elders who showed up on site, your presence was very encouraging. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

EDAY made mention of Elder Wesley Simon, an Elder from Portoroki for liaising on their behalf and also extended a thank you to the mothers from Kawariki Church for providing lunch and the fathers who also joined to help out.

Belinda requested all to continue praying for the Manples community and its members especially the young people.

In closing Belinda said "We do this because we love God and we want to give Him back ALL the glory! And now we pray, that the seeds that were sown on Sunday 15 May 2016 will grow and flourish.

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