The Ambassadors, Pathfinders and Adventurers (APA) and their leaders spent Sunday 30 May 2016 visiting the Vanuatu Meteo Office as part of their adventurer modules, they were given the opportunity yesterday sunday 29/05/2016 to visit the Meteo office. They learn basic things about earthquake, volcanoes, tsunamies and cyclones. Taem oli askem se who i wantem kam wan meteorologist, everyone i pushum hand antap hahahahahah . Mifala ol mmy too make use lo opportunity

EDAY Youths Repair Manples Road

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The Adventist Youth (AY) from Portoroki SDA Church assisted to organise and participated in a one day Discipleship mission, code named "Operesen Repairem Manples Rod". This mission involved the repair of the deteriorating road into Manples.

HopeTV Vanuatu 2

A team of local experts recently participated in ProjectHope. A project aimed at developing content for customised for each of the participating countries. Participants gathered in Suva, Fiji from ---- to ----. Countries that sent experts are Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea....

The team from Vanuatu recently completed filming more than 70 local programs for HopeChannel Vanuatu.

These programs include Singing, Testimonies, Children's, Health, Instrumentals, Bible Study and Preaching.

Moving forward, HopeTV Vanuatu's aim is to get more people involved, create new program scripts, get extra equipment and finalise
a date to roll out the local content for HopeChannel Vanuatu viewers.

JeanPierre Niptik from Media Production, Vanuatu Mission said, "Pray and support HopeChannel so we by God's grace can reach into every home with the Gospel"

Vanuatu's Producers and Presenters returned to Port Vila on Thursday 21 April 2016

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