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This template is named Form 1 - Worship Services Roster and is to be used by all Departments or Committees preparing Rosters for all Worship Services.

1. Wednesday Night Prayer Band;
2. Friday Night Fellowship;
3. Sabbath School;
4. Childrens Story;
5. Divine Service;
6. Pathfindering;
7. Adventist Youth; and
8. Closing Sabbath

Description of each column :-

1. Program                                   - This column holds the name of the Worship Service
2. Date                                        - This column holds the date of the Worship Service                
3. Lesson                                     - This column holds the lesson number for each quarter (i.e. Lesson 1 - 13)
4. Program / Group Leaders            - This column holds the names of the individual or group hosting the worship service
5. Theme                                     - Insert into this column the chosen "Theme" for the Worship Service. 
6. Contact Phone / Email                - Insert into this column the contact details of the Program or Group Leaders.

Important Notice :-

This form is being evaluated and trialed and will be finalised once cleared by the Church Board. Sharing this template via the website is also being trialed.

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