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Portoroki Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church (“Portoroki”) was founded in 1993, Portoroki is located behind Au Bon Marche Nabatu. The church pastor for Portoroki is Pastor Philip Morris, who is also the District Pastor for Efate District, Port Vila. Portoroki has a total membership of 347. This includes members from the main church, Portoroki and the four company churches.

The breakdown of membership is as follows:- 

o Portoroki – 200
o Sorovanga – 65
o Lagoon 13
o Emetnai – 30
o Ifira – 2
o Other churches – 37

To be become a member of Portoroki or any other SDA Church, the intending member would have undergone an intensive bible study and accepted the beliefs and mission of the SDA Church and would have been baptized through immersion by an ordained Minister of the Gospel.

The Pastor manages the Portoroki with the assistance of the other members of the church executive. These members include the Head Elder, Elder Rexley Shem, Assistant Head Elder, Elder Branan Karae, Church Clerk, Judy Williau and Assistant Clerks, Maives Navat and Bakon Japhet.

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